24089 - Ball Stretcher, Ball-T Atomic Jock (Blue)

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The perfect trainer or ball stretcher for beginners, the Balls-T Ball stretcher is a shorter design that feels just right for those with high and tight nut sacks or those with smaller balls. You can wear one alone or stack them up together to get a bigger stretch. It's just the right thickness and you'll find that the Balls-T isn't too bulky or fat and yet this stretchy ring manages to feel weighty without any added weights, gently tugging down on your balls in a sweetly satisfying experience that stretches the scrotum.

The choice of high grade platinum cured silicone is due to several factors. Silicone is naturally denser than other similar flexible materials like TPE, so it feels weighty wrapped around you. It's hypoallergenic so its grip won't irritate skin and the soft material won't pinch or pull at body hair. Silicone also has a non porous surface that makes it antibacterial and easy to care for and can be used with any good water based lubricant. You'll enjoy the natural feel against skin as silicone absorbs heat from your body to become warm, an effect you an easily exploit by placing in the freezer or some hot water before wear.